Management Portal Creation

Project under NDA. Most sensitive data has been omitted. 

Managing COVID-19

lab machines remotely

across the world



Lead Product Designer

Stakeholders & Users Interviews
Proto Personas
User Flows
User Testing
High-Fidelity Design
Design System


Abbott is one of the biggest pharmaceutics and healthcare companies in the world. When the pandemic exploded, they needed to digitalize an outdated physical process for which technicians were personally going where the lab machines were located, and manually installing the softwares via USB key. 


Building a software to digitalize the employees process, allowing them to remotely manage the laboratory machines and face the pandemic constraints.

Research & Ideation

We tried to gain as much info as possible on the employee's current process by asking internal stakeholders, but they could not give us many insights.

Only on-the-field people would know their process perfectly, so we asked for a large dock of users to interview.

We ran interviews for two months and gained all the details needed to get to know their daily workflow in detail.

Deliverables: Proto Personas | User Flows | User Stories


Stakeholder Interviews


Proto Personas


User Interviews


User Stories



Wireframes were built in order to be tested.

It was the first time that technicians were dealing with the transformation of their process from physical to digital.

This transition could potentially have tons of friction points.

After 8 quick iterations, wireframes were feeling familiar to the target and tasks were completed smoothly. 


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High Fidelity Design


Abbott's development team dictated some requirements.

The application has been designed to follow the Material Design System.

It also required 30 hours of Visual QA.

After all that research, the application has been a success - Abbott people say :)


Import Accounts
From Salesforce to Abbott Servers
Accounts List
Listing of all the clients
Parent Account Manager
Management fo large organizations with sub-locations within
Child Account Manager
Management for the sub-locations within a larger organization
Software Releases
List of all the software releases launched so far
Device Search
List of all the lab machines assigned to the technician
Upload Software Release
For technicians to upload software updates on the server
Schedule Software Update
Scheduler for technicians to program when the lab machines will be updated

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